Why did our Instagram get deleted? We don’t really know for sure. In January we woke up to see our previous Instagram account was taken down with no cause, no contact to reach, and no resolution to date. Unfortunately, this story is all too common amongst us small legal cannabis retailers.

We write this not to gain sympathy, but to bring to your attention a problem in Ontario; fighting amongst dispensaries to bring each other down. We’ve heard straight from regulators, licensed producers, and other business owners that there is in-fighting between dispensaries trying to bring each other down by taking down their social media accounts, sabotaging their online reviews, reporting them for minor infractions, and through other petty actions. We’ve experienced this first-hand within a few weeks of opening our first store and then multiple times after (we won’t name anybody).

Despite this setback, we at Green Merchant will not participate in the fighting. We are too focused on pushing forward in our mission to create the best cannabis retail experience in the country. Our vision is and will always be to create a community of 10,000 friends in Ontario that can safely share the wonders of cannabis together. We welcome any person or dispensary that will join us in creating a better cannabis experience for Canadians.

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