Experience: 7.5/10 Got recommended to try this by Deng, was looking for a flavourful high hitting sativa. Nothing to mess with my brain too much but definitely something to get the ball going. Leaves you focused with a slightly urge to giggle at everything. Definitely worth investing a movie or a book to pair with this high.

Appearance: This 0.5g is rolled nice, not too long not too thick, doesn’t clump up. Nicely rolled. Cant complain for a 0.5.

Aroma: pungent, zesty and fruity.

Taste: 4.5/10 Taste was kind there but wasn’t as strong as I wish it was. Definitely fruity and left a zesty after taste but didn’t last long unfortunately.

Suggested activities: Movie, book, clean your home, something to focus on but won’t tunnel vision.

Method of consumption: Inhaled.

Primary terpenes: Caryophyllene, Farnasene, Terpinolene

Overall: Great experience non the less. Would highly recommend this to people transitioning into sativa. This strain will keep you moving on your feet without tunnel visioning on one task throughout the day. Good flavour for the size of joint.

Selling Tips: Recommend to people trying to get things done in the day, Studying, Cleaning, house chores. Also good for anyone looking to relax without getting sleepy, people who are looking to watch a movie or go out with some friends and need an upper.