Frequently Asked Questions

What conditions apply to price-matching?

1) Price-matching can only be applied on the exact same product. For example, you can not price match two units of 3.5g dried flower with the price of a single 7g dried flower of the same brand and strain.

2) Price-matching can not be combined with other offers. For example, a local competitor is having a sale for 10% off your favorite pre-roll. You also have a 15% off coupon from Green Merchant. In this case, you can either price-match and save the 15% off coupon for next time. Or you can use the 15% off coupon on the regular price in our store.

3) For legal reasons, we are not allowed to sell our products below our wholesale costs. for this reason, we have to cap our discount to 25% off the full price

What is your return policy?


All cannabis derived products are final sale unless it is a faulty product. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding their experience, please contact the store where the product was purchased

In a scenario where the product is faulty:

Mould or Product Recall:

Return it to the store for a refund. Please bring your proof of purchase and original container for a refund

Leaking Vape Cartridge:

Return it to the store for a refund. Please bring your proof of purchase and original container for a replacement or refund.

Vape Cartridge Not Pulling:

Try troubleshooting a few steps first:

Is the cartridge clogged? Have we tried putting a toothpick down the intake to clear a clog?

Is the battery compatible with the cartridge?Try swapping out the 510 battery with one of our free batteries to see if it works.

Is the battery broken?Is it old?If it was just purchased, we can exchange with proof of purchase within 14 days as per our accessories return policy.

Is the cartridge crystalized?If so, try putting the cartridge in a Ziploc back and under warm/hot water for 5-10 minutes to clear the crystals.

If after troubleshooting, the cartridge is still faulty we can exchange the product or provide a refund

Packaging Issues (missing excise stamp, not sealed, broken pre-roll):

Return it to the store for a refund only if the product has not yet been consumed. Please bring your proof of purchase and original container for a replacement or refund.

Ordered Wrong Product:

We cannot complete a return if the product has left the store

Received Wrong Product:

Return it to the store for a refund. Please bring your proof of purchase and original container for a replacement or refund. We cannot accept it if it has been partially consumed already.


Unopened and unused accessories may be returned within 14 days of purchase with valid proof of purchase and in a scenario where the product is faulty (electrical issue, hardware malfunction).


Certain products have limited manufacturer warranties available after purchase.

Juju 510 Battery – 1 Year

Pax 2 Vaporizer – 2 Years

Pax 3 Vaporizer – 10 Years

Pax Era Battery – 1 Year

How do same-day deliveries work?

Any orders placed before 4 pm will be delivered the same-day! Our delivery drivers will reach out with you with a more specific timeframe after 4 pm and will be in contact with you throughout their journey to ensure you get the product at your door.

All deliveries will require proof of ID and the credit card used for payment.

Free Deliveries

Deliveries are free for any purchase greater than $50!

What cannabis products can I buy?

We want to ensure you are happy with every purchase. If you received a defective product, please contact us and we’ll do our best to resolve the issue. All refund and exchanges must be done in accordance with the Cannabis Act and Ontario regulations.

Speak to one of our budtender in the store you purchased the product from and we would be happy to help.

How much cannabis can I purchase?

By law, each customer may only purchase up to 30 grams of dried cannabis flower or it’s equivalent amount in other forms per day as this is the maximum amount of cannabis any individual can possess in public.

What precautions are you taking during the COVID-19 pandemic?

To protect you and our staff, we have implemented increased cleaning of surfaces, protective protocols when handling inventory, social distancing requirements in store, mandatory masks, and barriers at our checkout counter just to name a few. As a temporary measure, we have removed all sniff jars.

How do I purchase cannabis online?

In Ontario, you can “click and collect” by purchasing cannabis online through our website and collecting at our convenient locations. Simply select the location, choose your product, and collect in store.

For more information, visit our locations link in the navigation menu

Do you sell artwork?

We sell limited-edition artwork printed on our cannabis accessories. All of our accessories are designed by local artists in Toronto and we give the artists a nice share of all sales. Any art displayed in our store that is not related to a cannabis accessory is for display-only and cannot be purchased at our boutiques. For those interested, we are happy to provide you further information on where to purchase them from local Toronto artists.

Are your stores legal?

Yes, we are 100% legal. all of our stores have received a retail store authorization from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) to sell legal cannabis and accessories. This means we are authorized as a legal recreational store. We are not authorized to provide any medical advice or sell medical cannabis.

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