Welcome to the very first Green Merchant Cannabis Boutique blog. After joining in on the Black Lives Matter protests, we felt the need to show you our stance on what it means to be a part of the Green Merchant Cannabis Boutique family as a valued customer. We support our black community and hope to aid in the fight for inequality even if only a little. By supporting the movement of cannabis towards the legal market and bringing in a diverse workforce, we hope to reduce the disproportionate and unfair discrimination of drug-related convictions against people of colour. Being biracial myself (Black and Asian), I strongly believe in the benefit of multiple cultures and mindsets and hope to bring the same philosophy as a business owner.

How does the legalization of cannabis impact equality? Prosecutors are twice as likely to give a penalty of the mandatory minimum sentence for black people. By taking products away from the black market, we take control away from unfair prosecution practices.”,”We feel fortunate to be business owners in Toronto, Ontario, where we get to live with a diverse community. However, even in our diverse country racialized Canadians earn 81 cents on the dollar compared to other Canadians and are three times more likely to live in poverty

We commit to choosing our staff based only on their knowledge, customer service skills, and excellent personality. We commit to providing a safe place for you to purchase high-quality, quality-controlled cannabis. Every single person (of legal age) is welcome at any of our locations.

We are currently seeking talented cannabis experts to work in the Green Merchant Cannabis family. If you’re interested in joining us, please send an email with your resume and cover letter to our team at info@mygreenmerchant.com