Experience: Got this from our good friend Hez from WeedMe at CannExpo! Really nice tasting joints that is sticky and smells sweet. The high is a mellow happy high with that signature runtz

Appearance: Sticky little 3×0.5g with the live resin oozing on top and looks dipped in

Aroma: Sweet like honey!

Taste: Also like honey!

Suggested activities: Go for a picnic, stroll around with a camera, helps to appreciate life

Method of consumption: Inhaled

Primary terpenes: Wasn’t listed, couldn’t find online

Overall: Reaaallly fun smoke, I should’ve grabbed another freebie (if I could). Glad to hear our store is bringing it in, other stores should too!

Selling Tips: Sweet infused 3 pack! Effective and potent with that RUNTZ live resin infusion