I wanted to try more of their concentrates and I’ll say that so far tribal and nugz are 2/2 with this one.

Experience: 10/10 I dab pretty conservatively so I only used maybe .2 for a full session and damn. I hit two dabs and I was ready to crush a workout and cook some food. I was able to do both with a clear and euphoric energy. Imagine animal face but without the internal stressing.

Appearance: 9.5/10 To be perfectly honest the processing and creation of live resin is a mystery beyond surface level information. On reddit one of the company’s representatives who had a hand in creating the product said they process the diamonds and sauce separately and then reintroduce them to each other at the end. I whipped it up a little and they mixed really well, photo attached.

Aroma: 9.5/10 The smell was pronounced right away, similar terpene content as the hash rosin but wow. Super lemon-y but without the citrus note. Like a refreshing lemon popsicle almost.

Taste: 9/10 (Terps: 8% (1.7% Terpinolene) I loved the taste on it, super similar to how it presents smell wise but this gram was really good at what it showed off, lemon-y flavour with nothing nasty to it. Relative to grey market options Ive had this definitely tasted the best.

Suggested Activities: This will make you get up and do things so whatever you feel like doing after an energetic smoke would be ideal, gaming, exercise, outdoorsy things.

Overall: 10/10 I have to say that for my purposes this live resin brought up my expectations of concentrates. I’ve had 12-15 different options (not dabbing all the time) over the last couple of years and this has given me the most pronounced effects. Not only that, it’s packaging, smell, taste, it all makes sense.