Asked Deng for a scary sativa and he recommended I try this.

Experience: 8/10 Definitely recommend only for intermediate sativa smokers. Kept me extremely focused and woke. Non less was a great high if you can look past the anxiety. Had me walking my dog at 2 AM for 1.5 hours and watching mind-busting movies.

Appearance: Looked more like a 0.25 than a 0.5 Aroma: Floral, Dank, and zesty.

Taste: Zesty, had trouble focusing on the taste since it started ripping me apart right away.

Suggested activities: Watch an easy to follow along the movie. Buy some pizza. Go for a walk with your friends. Stay indoors and with friends. Read a book. Write a book. Paint a picture. Anything heavily mind-stimulating.

Method of consumption: inhaled.

Primary terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Pinene, Terpinolene

Overall: 8/10

Selling Tips: if you want to go on a nice walk and talk for hours with your dog/homies. Definitely a must for those late-night deep talks.