I wanted to try it when I was at Danforth and I really like it as an add-on to a regular joint.

Experience: 8/10 The hash itself really serves to increase the length and density of a joint for me and with that in mind it served its purpose. Nothing crazy in terms of additional high but when smoking with or without it there’s a clear difference.

Appearance: 8.5/10 I’ve had the chance to try a variety of hash over the last couple of years and this was not overly shiny or dry. Pliable and easy to roll with

Aroma: N/A Maybe because I don’t have a sharp enough nose I can’t make out an aroma but neither @Zhao or myself could smell anything on it.

Taste: 7/10 (Terpenes 3.2%) The reason it gets a 7 is because with some options like the afghan hash from Vortex you get a heavier more earthy taste to it and this is close to tasteless when I’m mixing it with my flower.

Suggested Activities: hotbox your room cause hash burns well

Overall: 8/10 This product initially caught my eye because Danforth had it priced cheaper than Vortex, even before the price increase. The hash is more pliable and easier to deal with than the Afghan Hash. Better product than the Vortex for the price