Experience: I was so happy to get a sample of this I wanted to buy 1 from the store… but then I sold all of em before I even held one down for myself! So had to phenohunt across toronto for this lol. The high is very pleasant, not too harsh and easy to smoke. Nice uplifting head heavy high.

Appearance: Comes in a 5 pack of pre rolls like their Banana Hammock 5 pack. A boveda pack comes in the package as well Aroma: Smells citrusy but only slightly

Taste: Uhhhhmazing and terrific Suggested activities: Not eating that’s for sure, it killed my appetite and I had a whole pho bowl waiting for me. Better to smoke while out for a stroll or some street photographer

Method of consumption: Inhaled Primary terpenes: Caryophyllene Myrcene Farnesene Total: 3.1% tuurrrps

Overall: Loved their Banana Hammock and honey oil, and was excited to try this one. Very pleasant high, easy to smoke, doesn’t clog up from my experience.

Selling Tips: Outdoor grown in St. Thomas, ON Affordable price for a 5 pack of infused joints Really uplifting giggly daytime high!