Package date Sept 27th, 2022 (freshest lot guaranteed)

Experience: 6.5/10 I grabbed this up after being very curious after the blkmkt pk, the bud visually is beautiful and very sticky, but once you try to bust it up, it combustions into particles. Very harsh smoke, I felt like I was coughing up my tongue. After the coughing, the high was very social and the body relaxed but nothing more

Appearance: 8/10 blkmkt always has beautiful bud appeal, but I would take a bad-looking flower with a good high over a good-looking flower with a bad high.

Aroma: lil dank Taste: tastes like setting a rubber tire on fire

Suggested activities: this is smoke on your front porch or outside kind of strain. Let your local views distract you from the harsh hole in your lung.

Method of consumption: Both joint and bong. In a joint was a lot more flavourful and slightly smoother.

Primary terpenes: caryophyllene, mycerene, and humulene

Overall: 4/10 yikes, I bought this just so I can say I tried it with no bias. It has so much potential, but this “new” lot is not where it’s at at the moment